Professional Property Management

What do you expect from a Property Manager?  Experience and accountability! Since 1998 we have managed seasonal residences, vacation rentals, and rental properties. We know first-hand that proactive, diligent management and maintenance has a direct correlation to property value growth.

Why do you need RJ Properties Unlimited?Owning an investment property can be as easy as cashing a check. We also know from experience that guests and tenants can create challenges, and unexpected repairs can be costly. Seasonal homes that are left unattended invite security risks, and routine maintenance and inspections are critical. We will ensure you enjoy the luxury of returning to your home next season. Let us manage the burdens of property management for you, so you can enjoy the rewards of ownership. Experience is the difference! The condition and value of your capital investment is our priority. RJ Properties Unlimited is always at work for you.

Our Goal

Vacation Rentals

Seasonal Residences

Rental Properties

Our Purpose


List of services

RJ Properties Unlimited offers competitive pricing. Our monthly service fees beat the industry standard, we do not charge an initiation fee, and our hourly rates are surprisingly low! Call us, today! 954.658.5830

Vacation Rental Services

◦ Full complement of guest services including staging, cleaning, and support.

◦ Web listing management including site creation, inquiries, and reservations.

◦ Guest satisfaction is our highest priority. Good reviews equals more bookings, which generates more profit for owners!

Property Management for Seasonal Residences

Routine inspections, cleaning, repairs, hurricane preparations, insect control.

Rental Properties and Absentee Landlords. 

Tenant acquisition, move-in preparation, all types of repairs.

Property Maintenance, from A to Z.

Tell us what you need, and we'll get the job done.....guaranteed!

Staging Services, Interior and Exterior.

◦ One of our specialties! On a budget? No problem.

◦ Are you looking for "curb appeal"? Look no further.

◦ We have over 15 years experience in the interior design industry!

Property Refurbishment and Upgrades.

 Lighting and fixtures, kitchen and bath, tile and trim.

Landscaping, Painting, Pressure Cleaning.

◦ Sod, mulch, planting, name it!

◦ Custom painting, interior and exterior.

◦ Pressure cleaning for drives, walks, patios, pool decks, fencing.

Repairs, no job is too small!

Plumbing, electrical, A/C, roof repairs, carpentry, sprinklers.....we can do it!


We don't have customers, we have clients. Our goal is to build enduring relationships with each of our clients. We cultivate this bond by offering the best service and being committed long-term to your property management needs. Review our extensive list of services, and you'll see why RJ Properties Unlimited is your best choice!